Miyo Yamauchi launches the First AI Playbill for How To Be Japanese show

Anthony Phills
3 min readSep 27, 2022
Miyo Yamauchi — The Storyteller partner’s with Anthony Phills to create an AiPlaybill.

Robin Aque, CariComm Magazine

Miyo Yamauchi, a storyteller in Los Angeles, has partnered with the 2022 Anthem awarding winner Anthony Phills (Ai Jedi) and sound designer Navid Lancaster to create the first Ai Playbill for her solo show: How To Be Japanese. It will be Live at 8 pm on October 1st at the Fanatic Salon in Los Angeles.

Miyo shared with Anthony that she would have a few individuals with visually impaired attending her show and asked if there was anything that he could do. Anthony is certified by Berkeley University in AI Business Strategies and Applications and applied his AI process to her business need.

You never think about the visually impaired attending your show until you get one. -Miyo Yamauchi

Miyo Yamauchi’s Playbill design by Anthony Phills

Business Requirement?

How to be more inclusive when it came to Miyo’s solo show? He asked where in her show AI could be used to assist the visually impaired effectively. With the timeline drawing close to being able to design and build his AiSlide Processor, Anthony decided to keep it simple. Then the ah moment comes with this simple question; what is the first point of contact with Miyo when individuals with a visual disability arrive at the Fanatic Salon? Answer: The Playbill.

Anthony designed the printed Playbill for Miyo and decided to create an audio version of the Playbill using Ai, and you asked how to do it.

  • He first took the copy in the Playbill and rewrote a few sentences to be more descriptive.
  • Using his Text-to-Speech AI engine where he fine-tuned it to pronounce her name. Example: Miyo Yamauchi=Meeyo Yamaoochi
Screen shot from text-to-speech
  • Generate the Text-to-Speech audio and share it with Navid to change the voice octave
  • Then add Miyo’s theme song in the background.
Anthony Phills

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