Breaking Barriers: Miyo the Storyteller Launches Slide Teller, Revolutionizing Access for VIP

Anthony Phills
3 min readSep 5

Exclusive Experience for Visually Impaired People: Miyo’s ‘How To Be Japanese: Your Normal Is Not My Normal’ Show Introduces Groundbreaking Audio-Slide Description App at the 2023 Vancouver Fringe

Slide Teller logo in the center of the screen behind is a visually impaired woman sitting and holding a white cane, wearing shades and EarPods.
Slide Teller — Hearing is Seeing (tm).

September 5, 2023

Vancouver, Canada — Today, in the vibrant city of Vancouver, we stand on the threshold of a new era — a juncture where storytelling transcends its traditional boundaries. With great pride and anticipation, I introduce to you an innovation that resonates with the spirit of progress — Slide Teller (tm), a groundbreaking platform meticulously designed to infuse the magic of storytelling with inclusivity, particularly for individuals with visual impairments.

Through Slide Teller, Miyo the Storyteller is pioneering a path of accessibility, ensuring that the transformative power of narratives knows no bounds. We’re dismantling obstacles and embracing a future where captivating stories reach every corner of human experience, irrespective of ability.

Slide Teller signifies an evolutionary leap in the realm of inclusive storytelling. Through a fusion of the visionary technology by the Ai Design Jedi, Anthony Phills, and Miyo’s artistry in a narrative, we’ve crafted an immersive experience that caters uniquely to those with visual impairments. This revolutionary, patent-pending platform seamlessly weaves together audio descriptions, evocative soundscapes, and engaging narratives, birthing a world of enchantment. With Slide Teller, individuals with visual impairments embark on extraordinary storytelling odysseys hand in hand with Miyo.

iPhone with Miyo’s How To Be Japanese Playbill on the front screen with a play button.
Miyo the Storyteller: How To Be Japanese Slide Teller app for VIP

Anthony and Miyo share an unwavering belief in the boundless power of stories — how they inspire, connect, and transform lives. With Slide Teller, we’re not merely introducing an innovation but redefining accessibility and unity through storytelling. Slide Teller is readily available for…

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